Towards a Global Religion: Chrislam


The synthesis of Christianity and Islam in the “Chrislamic” movement seems to be a part of the emerging global religious syncretism. Eric Barger ( details the history of the movement.

With the debt ceiling comic theater on stage in Washington, sooner or later the U.S. government will nevertheless have to default on its financial obligations. But note that the government has already defaulted quite a number of times in history. Jim Puplava from Financial Sense ( opens our eyes with an historic narrative.

Turns out a recent study admits that the earth’s overall temperature has generally been flat for the last decade. Global warming skeptics seem to be winning the climate change debate and advocates have been careful not to attribute the current heat wave to it. Meteorologist and climate change skeptic Joe Bastardi joins the show.

John’s boralogue applies the “template test” to the media’s contradictory coverage of the tragic shootings in Norway and how this is indicative of the shaky foundations upon which their value system rests.


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