Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to Emotion

Appeal to Emotion _ the attempt to persuade people by evoking strong emotions rather than making a logical argument.


“It’s for the children; those poor, innocent children!”

Other fallacies in the same category:

  • Appeal to Envy (Argumentum ad Invidiam)
  • Appeal to Fear (Argumentum ad Metum)
  • Appeal to Hatred (Argumentum ad Odium)
  • Appeal to Pity (Argumentum ad Misericordiam)
  • Appeal to Pride (Argumentum ad Superbiam)
  • Wishful Thinking

Strong emotions can displace rational thought, and manipulating emotions in an argument is fallacious. When we have strong emotions, we often want to take some sort of action but we must assess whether or not the actions we take are motivated by irrational feelings.


Next Week:

Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to force/ Fear

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