Matching the Past to the Present


So who was Antonio Gramsci? An Italian communist who realized that Leninist Marxism wasn’t going to work. So he created a new system staging a long march through the culture, especially in academia and the media. His method involved changing the attitudes of each generation and introducing Marxism that way.

Saul Alinsky was a key figure who employed Gramsci’s ideas in the United States. Art Crino joins us to discuss the history of this creative Marxist whose work influences us today.

Then we’ll air parts of an address John gave at Steeling the Mind in February, laying an historic trail how American values were so radically changed over just 50-60 years.

During his boralogue, John reads articles written around 1918 by the founder of progressive education, John Dewey. Already Dewey was thinking about converting education into a socialist collective along lines with the abolition of individualism.


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