Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to Pity

Appeal to Pity _ coercing someone to accept a position by creating sympathy for those who hold the same position. (argumentum ad misericordiam)


“These men have devoted their entire lives researching “X”. Some have lost everything they had for it. Their conclusions must not be discarded simply by a lack of evidence.”

The appeal to pity attempts to persuade people to accept a position using emotions like sympathy, rather than making a factual statement.

This type of argument is fallacious because our emotions are not a good means of determining truth; emotions can obscure, rather than clarify, issues. We should base our beliefs upon reasonable evidence, rather than emotion.

Emotions may identify what’s important to us, even if it’s not true. That’s why it’s important to be able to communicate logically.


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One thought on “Fallacy of the Week – Appeal to Pity

  1. Thank you…Very TRUE….We all need to Wake Up to the Revelations of REALITY…If Corruptions & Evil aren’t Dealt with Correctly(INFORMING Public about the REAL TRUTH no matter how hard it is), Be of Sound Mind -Focus-BECOME-> Educated about what’s happening around you and the world events (History does repeats itself when tyranny runs rampant and not EXPOSE/Destroyed)-Be determined to GROW BACKBONE & be honest/ TRANSPARENT)! If we don’t we will lose everything -including our willingness to do & be All that we were Created to become…including-> ALLOWING HISTORY to REPEAT Itself!! Also,..be not Sheeple to be lead to the slaughter…become- Soverign citizens for human rights & moral values-All His Gifts to us-GOD’S Ability to become Our STRENGTH-Creator and Finisher in All things…Y’shua is Not asking us to:”LAY DOWN”…to just- ACCEPT at things in this world, including religion @ Face Value…That’s Where our Tenacity & INTEGRITY and Love is Never Compromised…Love is also our CORRECTIONS…We learn to Respect ourselves and other Mirror this image…source=He who gave it to us in the first place~<3

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