Decoding Your County’s Comprehensive Plan


It’s time to declare war on political correctness as it erodes the country’s ability to debate serious issues. One such orchestrated chorus is the “Islamophobe” charge chanted every time someone raises the issue of radical Islamic terrorism. Daniel Greenfield from Front Page Magazine ( highlights a recent attack piece by the Soros-sponsored Center for American Progress.

Does your county have a comprehensive development plan? Now you know your local county supervisors didn’t dream it up, so where did it originate? Tom DeWeese at the American Policy Center ( tells us it’s all tangled with Agenda 21 and an organization known as ICLEI. One thing you will note is that after your county finishes implementing “your plan,” nothing gets done without someone’s permission and paying lots of money to do it.

Then it’s time to return to “yesteryear” (corny expression, isn’t it?) and see how far we’ve come with consensus thinking, especially in the area of education. Charlotte Iserbyt ( and Berit Kjos ( are heard in this vintage Steel on Steel interview from September of 1998.

John’s boralogue analyzes the collapsing strings of progressive ideas stretching back over six decades as the weight of reality overwhelms their sustainability. But ideologies always die hard and their adherents always attempt keeping them afloat, while sounding increasingly shrill.


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