Rogue Events and the End of Days


Over the last few weeks we covered the four political and economic storms confronting us over the next 48 months or so. Now let’s throw another one on the pile by examining rogue events. Robert Gleason ( is author of the book, “End of Days.” He has extensively researched the probabilities of nuclear terrorist attacks.

Teens are super savvy about technology with iPads, iPods and other iWatchyamacallits. Unfortunately they are generally ignorant of the legal implications hanging over their heads when they use those devices. As states tighten laws many are getting themselves into serious trouble. Attorney Frederick Lane ( is author of “Cybertraps for the Young.”

John’s extended boralogue explains the three steps of dialectical political processes that are playing out in governments around the world, pointing to the economic crises in Europe and the United States. This includes this week’s fallacy: “Begging the Question,” as well as clips from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations.


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