Nothing Has Changed


All of the political and media hoo-hah in Europe and the United States disguises the fact nothing has changed in correcting our deteriorating economic condition. Europe is no closer to bailing out a Greek default and the United States is determined to plow into economic shipwreck while as we bicker over taxes for the rich. The path to ruin lies just ahead.

Today’s show provides an extended historical boralogue starting in 1933 and examining all the legislation that brought us to the economic mess in which we find ourselves, as well as a listing of the guilty parties involved.

The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) from 1992 is being implemented with a vengeance in the United States and having serious negative impacts on the economy and property ownership. Next year the U.N. is planning UNCED+20. Laura Rambeau Lee ( joins us to see what effects implementation of this conference is having on life in the U.S.

Finally, Christian parents seem to be in the habit of setting their children in front of philosophical firing squads and leaving them unprepared for the philosophical onslaught that will strike them in education. Dr. Stephen Meyer, Ph.D., from the Discovery Institute ( along with Focus on the Family ( have produced a new DVD series designed to instruct teens on the worldview conflicts they will encounter in college.


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