No Firm Foundation in Post Modernism


Hi everyone. Please sign the petition to have Pakistani Christian mother Asia Bibi released from the death penalty after having been accused of blaspheming Islam. You can do this at

Much current political thinking keys directly to the philosophy of post-modernism. John spends his boralogue examining this constantly changing, pitching deck of self-contradicting ideas upon which post-modernist ideas rest, demonstrating why they wind up being morally bankrupt.

Then we’ll extend this examination to the realm of hate speech, and dissect the stages of hate speech used to “get” groups that are politically incorrect.

Matt Philbin ( from the Culture and Media Center joins the show to provide an example of the growing intolerance of Christian ideas in the United States, revolving around Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

The Middle East Arab spring continues deteriorating into a Christian winter as Muslim radicals persecute Christians. President Obama announced U.S. forces will be withdrawn from Iraq, but even though we supposedly brought “democracy” to that country, Juliana Taimoorazy from the Iraqi Christian Relief Council ( says the tolerance for Christians in Iraq is deteriorating.

During the last part of the program, John spends time summing up the this week’s “exciting” events in Europe as the continent’s leaders dodged a bullet and avoided being sucked into an economic black hole…for now. We’ll also hear clips from the Financial Sense Newshour ( and Jim Puplava’s explanation of the Federal Reserve’s next move in inflating the currency.


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