The Vatican’s Middle East Flip Flop


When Pope Benedict XVI gave a speech five years ago revolving around the differences between Islam and Christianity, it caused serious reactions within the Islamic world, resulting in the deaths of several Christians. Now the Vatican seems to be falling all over itself to appease Islam, while down playing the deteriorating situation for Christians in the Islamic world as well as acts of terrorism against Jews.

Journalist Giulio Meotti is author of the book, “A New Shoah, the Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism.” He returns to the show from his home in Florence, Italy.

The European bailout comedy reached Emmy award winning levels this week as Germany and France agreed to bail out Greece, only to have Greece thumb its nose at them. It’s clear this will all end with a Greek default and possibly an exit from the European Union. But the game isn’t over. The next domino to fall will most likely be Italy.

Anna Grayson is the London correspondent for the Canada Free Press ( and she provides her observations on this week’s performance.

John’s boralogue provides real life examples demonstrating post modernist thought in politics and the ongoing double standards that are so prevalent.


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