Fallacy of the Week – Genetic Fallacy

Genetic Fallacy _ the rejection of a claim simply because someone objects to the source of the information.

Example from Dr Jason Lisle’s book Discerning Truth:

If a Creationist cites an article in the Answers Research Journal in support of a particular claim, it would be fallacious for the critic to respond, “Well, that’s a creationist journal. Do you have any support from mainstream journals?”

                                                             p.76 Discerning Truth by Dr. Jason Lisle

Arguments should be evaluated purely on on the validity of the claim itself. The source, while it may be obscure, controversial or even unorthodox shouldn’t discredit the claim.

Truth often comes in uncomfortable packages and sometimes even from the mouths of disreputable persons. Simply put: “don’t judge a book by…well, you get the idea.


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