Fallacy of the Week – Moralistic Fallacy

Moralistic Fallacy _ the demand that because something should be a particular way, that it validates that way.  Or, jumping from arguments about what ought to be to statements about what is.


“People shouldn’t steal things; It’s wrong and it’s against the law.  Therefore, I don’t have to lock my doors when I leave home.”

This is the “In a perfect world…” argument. Usually, the person committing this fallacy has a certain preconception about how things should be. They’ve been offended by the harsh nature of reality and resort to elevating their “it ought to be so” scenario.

Those with power and wealth can’t resist shaping the world according to their view of how things should be. Progressive elites have always positioned themselves at the helm of the dialectic process to steer the herd toward a predetermined end.

The herd thinks they’re making a collective democratic choice, but the elites always change the rules and definitions to maintain control of the outcome.

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