Ambushing Our Elected Representatives

120001 01/07/2012

Why is it we elect people to change things in Washington or state capitals and then nothing happens? It’s because they’re ambushed by foundation groups determined to force legislators to fall in line with “the system” or to marginalize those who won’t play by “the rules.” Idaho State Representative Vito Barbieri paints a picture of what legislators are up against.

Open Doors ( issued its report on religious freedom around the world this week. 80% of the areas where Christians are under serious duress occurs in Muslim countries, but you’d never know that from the media’s prattle about the religion of peace. Rev. Paul Estabrooks from Open Doors returns to the program.

John’s boralogue emphasizes the key trend we’re going to witness during 2012: the increasing tension between political ideology and reality as the gulf between them stretches to a breaking point. John concludes the program with a Middle East intelligence update.


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