Geopolitics, Education, and History

120004 01/28/2012

We packed the program this weekend with informative interviews, with a focus on geopolitics for the first part of the program.

Although China is hailed as an economic powerhouse, it has serious monetary and population problems, which will affect its approach to the approaching geopolitical storms. Ken Timmerman ( and John discuss the proposal that the U.S. drop its support of Taiwan in exchange for a debt write-off. The Chinese may not be able to do that.

Then we’ll jump to the Middle East for a summary report by correspondent Dave Dolan (, author of a new book entitled, “Millennium, the Lord Reigns.”

During his State of the Union address this week, President Barack Obama said states should require mandatory school attendance until age 18. But kids drop out because they are unchallenged in bad public schools due to a failed curriculum, which never comes up in the conversation. William Estrada from Home School Legal Defense ( tells why this will cause more problems than it solves.

This week marked the 67th anniversary of the liberation of inmates from Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The appalling lack of historical knowledge among young people threatens freedom in the future. Ray Comfort ( joins us to discuss his new movie, “180.”

John’s boralogue focuses on the chasm between what Republican debate media hosts think are important issues versus the real crises America is about to face. It’s like night and day.


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