The Growing Police State

120005 02/04/2012

The Bill of Rights has been dissolving at an alarming rate for the last 30 years, but at an accelerated pace since 9/11. John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute ( premiers on the program with warnings about the dangerous position we’re putting ourselves in.

For several decades the religious right peddled the idea that fighting to put the right people in office would solve a lot of our nation’s problems. Not only is that not working, but perhaps the problem really needs to be solved at a spiritual level first. Chuck Crismier ( is author of, “The Secret of the Lord,” and he believes that is the only solution as the U.S. heads over a cliff.

Finally, it might surprise you that some early evolutionists were adherents of intelligent design. There is a new DVD out entitled, “Darwin’s Heretic,” and Michael Flannery joins us from the Discovery Institute ( to discuss it.

John’s boralogue rotates around Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement last week that the Fed would keep interest rates below 1%. It means that inflation is going to become more and more serious as it destroys the middle class.


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