Political Correctness is Killing Us

120007 02/18/2012

Today’s program rotates around the effects of political correctness as new values are colliding with older values in trying enforce conformity to the new norms.

Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media (www.aim.org / www.religiousleftexposed.com) engages in a conversation about Catholic hospitals being forced to provide contraception to employees, speculating on whether or not the church made a deal with the devil when it took government funds in the first place.

Then Tim Graham from the Media Research Center (www.mrc.org) follows Cliff for a comparison of the media’s handling of two recent similar controversies to examine whether bias is present or not.

Political correctness is strangling our ability to have reasoned debate in this country, which means it must be opposed at all points because it is a threat to freedom of speech. Peter Feaman (www.thenextnightmare.com) is author of “The Next Nightmare, How Political Correctness Will Destroy America.”

John’s extended boralogue analyzes the fundamental principles around which political correctness rotates and why we can’t win because the rules are confusing and rigged against us. The biggest problem with PC thought is that the catalog of what is right and wrong is ever changing and we have to keep updating our “PC definition database” so we don’t accidentally transgress.


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