What Exactly is an Economic Collapse?

Some economists warn that local, state and federal governments are on a course to economic collapse if we don’t change immediately. But what does “economic collapse” really mean? Does life quit? Do governments cease to exist? Dr. David Barker, Ph.D., (www.barkerecon.com) is a former economist with the Federal Reserve Bank.

In the last part of the program we’ll update listeners on the Iran and Middle East situation with a some words from intelligence expert Joseph de Courcy.

Then we’ll move to examine the growing tensions between state and federal governments via a look at the U.S. Supreme Court case on Arizona SB1070, which allows Arizona law officers to enforce federal law. This is just the beginning of a tend toward an extended series of future legal conflicts as states attempt to extract themselves from federal policies for various reasons. Attorney Gary Kreep from the United States Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net) joins the program.

Why is it so many politicos chafe at the U.S. Constitution and would prefer something else? They’re always talking about “human rights” instead of constitutional rights but what are these rights? John’s boralogue examines the whole issue of human rights to see if they’re all they’re alleged to be.

Christians and the Coming Chaos – 57 min.

economic collapseThis Presentation was recorded at the Denver Steeling the Mind of America Conference in September 2012. How should Christians prepare for the coming global crisis? In this compelling DVD presentation, John Loeffler details the scenarios most-likely to play out in the next 24 to 72 months and what risks and preparations Christians are faced with.

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