Small People Making a Large Difference


120011 03/17/2012

We’ll devote a lot of time today examining abortion and infanticide to see how individuals have managed to make a difference in saving the lives of tiny ones.

First, what is the “Save the Storks” campaign all about? David Pomerantz ( joins the show as first guest today.

Then we’ll check on the outcome of the Bethlehem Bible College conference last week, which rotated around the plight of Palestinians and the reasons Christians are leaving the Middle East. Dexter van Zile from CAMERA ( is just back from the conference.

Returning to subject of infanticide, Dr. Jim Garrow. Ph.D., ( is a Nobel laureate and runner-up for the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Barack Obama. As a Canadian businessman running schools in China, he began rescuing Chinese babies from infanticide and making arrangements to have them adopted. It’s an indication of what one man can do in the face of a massive moral problem.

John’s boralogue examines the worldview foundations underlying the values collisions playing out in political arenas, while explaining the fundamental differences between them.


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