Enforcing Morality by Immoral Means

120012 03/24/2012

Time for a lively debate on the program. The “Ryan budget” made its debut in Congress and with it the inevitable debate. Many seem to think that a combination of taxing the rich and a few spending cuts can bring the deficit/debt problem under control. This is naiveté in the light of the numbers. But what to cut? Some propose caring for those less fortunate is paramount in fixing the deficit. Is this even possible given the level of indebtedness? Ronald Sider from Evangelicals for Social Action (www.evangelicalsforsocialaction.org) is author of “Fixing the Moral Deficit, A Balanced Way to Balance the Budget.”

If there is one group that has been badly cheated by America’s failing public education system, it’s the African-American community. Merisa Parson Davis (www.merisadavis.com) is author of the book, “Bill Cosby is Right,” and she’s got hard-hitting controversial ideas about fixing the problem. She’s also Dr. Cosby’s cousin.

John’s boralogue examines a series of news articles from the week that are silent indicators of where global politics are headed.


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