What’s Next When Global Warming Collapses?


120014 04/07/2012

Happy Easter weekend, everyone. Christ is Risen! For a Christian the issue of exclusive truth rests on a single question: Was Jesus who he said he was and if so, that negates any other claimants to truth about paths to God. If his claims are not true, and He did not rise from the dead, then we are truly wasting our time with this Christian “nonsense.” It’s not a matter of personal truth, it’s a matter of cold, hard, loving absolute truth.

We’re taking the holiday weekend off and featuring two interviews.

First, have you noticed the global warming war drums revving up again even as the acceptance of AGW is dying? Ah, but let us not think the global elites don’t have a new crisis to replace the global warming one. This time it will be global scarcity and we’ll be off and running on another twenty years of proposals for more government power and wealth transfer. Dr. Tim Ball, Ph.D., (www.drtimball.com) ties global warming to Agenda 21 and the next crises that will be foisted upon us.

In the debate over Obamacare, why is it so difficult for many Americans to recognize the value of preserving the Constitution? Perhaps, they don’t know what’s in it and how it is the foundation of freedom. Michael Holler is author of “The Constitution Made Easy.” (www.theconstitutionmadeeasy.com)

This weekend we’ll skip the boralogue and jump right into the interviews…and there was much rejoicing.


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