Detangling a Lynch Mob

120015 04/14/2012

John’s boralogue provides listeners with a Middle East Update. The supposedly imminent attack on Iran seems to have slipped onto the back burner for a while. Meanwhile, Islamic countries don’t care much about the Palestinian conflict any more, but never fear, the international left has stepped up to the plate to keep the drumbeat against Israel going.

As the Syrian government kills thousands of their own people demanding reform, we’ll see what’s happening to Christians inside Syria. Wendy Wright is executive director of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute ( and

The uproar over the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida grew rapidly to resemble a lynch mob. Every month similar or worse black-on-white or black-on-black crimes occur, but the media sleep through them. So is this case really as important as the trumpeters are making it? Is it possible to achieve reasonable discussion on the issues of race, crime, and gun control? Merissa Davis, author of “Bill Cosby is Right” ( returns to the program for a debate on the subject.

John rounds out the program by reading news stories highlight significant trends.


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