The Long Progressive History of Globalism


120017 04/28/2012

While some people may have to guard their investments in these rough economic waters, others don’t have investments and live paycheck to paycheck. What will they do in the storms to come? John’s boralogue examines the necessity of allowing God to guide and provide during rough times whether you’re rich or poor.

Then we’ll do a Middle East update plus an examination of why the western media whitewash the Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

After that it’s time to review the principles of change agentry, which leads into a history of the 100-year movement towards global government. Carl Teichrib from Forcing Change ( returns to the program.

Lastly we’ll further our discussion about logic and critical thinking by explaining the difference between first and second level propositions and why presuppositional apologetics is important in defending one’s worldview. Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lyle, Ph.D., ( is author of “Ultimate Proof of Creation” and “Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky.”


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