The War on Free Speech


120019 05/12/2012

We hear many progressives including Supreme Court justices say we should emulate the European Union when considering rights in lieu of our own constitution. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg even said she wouldn’t recommend our constitution for a new country. But if one checks on Europe, we see that those rights, especially freedom of speech are rapidly dying. Karen Lugo is co-director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence ( and and founder of the Libertas-West Project.

Two worldviews are slugging it out in the West; the first based in Judeo-Christianity and capitalism, the other based in secular socialism. C.S. Lewis was a staunch opponent of the type of statism today’s secularists are proposing. David Theroux, founder of the Independent Institute ( and, makes his debut on the program.

John’s boralogue does a brief analysis of how Europe got itself into the economic predicament in which it finds itself. We’ll be doing a more in-depth analysis next week.


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