When Christians Seek Asylum


120022 06/02/2012

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is back before the senate, with an oddball consortium of supporters seeking ratification. Phyllis Schlafly from Eagle Forum (www.eagleforum.org) is featured in the first interview today to detail this problematical treaty.

Illegal immigration and policy is a hot center of controversy, but what about Christians seeking asylum in this country as they flee from persecution in their home countries? Professor Louis Gordon from Cal State San Bernardino is a defense attorney for people seeking refuge in this country, and he contrasts today’s conditions with an article he wrote 10 years ago for the Middle East Quarterly.

The Olympics are to be held in London shortly. Have we learned anything about terrorism since the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics? Olympic historian David Clay Large is author of the book, “Munich 1972,” with a fascinating contrasts of conditions then and now.

Finally, Millennials are going to be asked to foot all the bills the Baby Boomers ran up in entitlement programs, from which the Millennials aren’t going to get any benefit. Are they aware of what this means to them? David Bass (www.spectator.org) is a Millennial who wrote a piece for the American Spectator entitled, “The Millennial Perspective.”

John’s boralogue updates the Euro situation again as the world grinds slowly and inexorably toward a global currency crisis. The key indicators to watch are the price and interest rates of sovereign bonds and bank runs.


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