Petrus Romanus and the Late Malachi Martin


120025 06/23/2012

We’re taking this weekend off but today’s pre-recorded program is action-packed. What ever is going on in the Vatican? With “Vatileaks” and rumors about the current pope and Vatican intrigue, today’s program is a tale of two Malachis.

Tom Horn is co-author of the book “Petrus Romanus, The Final Pope is Here.” ( We’ll have a spirited conversation with Tom on current Vatican politics, the Middle Ages papal prophecies of St. Malachy O’Morgair and review 17-year-old clips from the late Fr. Malachi Martin, author of “Windswept House,” to see how right Malachi was about the future of Vatican affairs.

John’s boralogue highlights the sea change among elitists toward global warming with new crises waiting in the wings to be promoted as a rationale for global government. (Notice the global monetary world didn’t come to end (yet) over the Greek elections.)


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