The End of America – Sorta

120026 06/30/2012

A new thread starts on the show today for the summer months entitled, “The End of America.” Many voices are predicting, “The end of America is at hand,” so what does that mean when we talk about the collapse of a society, government, or currency? John Price ( is our first guest in the series. He is author of “The End of America, the Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America.”

Freedom of speech is rapidly evolving as the critical front line as gay rights groups seek to silence Christians by force of law. Canada is further down the road on this trail, so we’ll hear from Canadian TV host Michael Coren, author of “Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread about Christianity.”

John’s boralogue focuses on the long-range effects of Obamacare by detailing the tranche of new taxes descending on America in 2013 and what this means for individual families, especially when the government runs out of money in the very near future. In reality, it is the forefront of a virtual civil war between states and between the states and federal governments.


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