The Death of Farm Freedom and Free Choice

120027 07/07/2012

Can America’s slide into crisis be stopped? Part 2 of “The End of America” series airs today with New York Times best selling author Joel Rosenberg, ( his latest book being “Implosion: Can America Recover from Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time?”

Harassment of mom and pop farmers on the part of various state government bureaucracies is growing, including armed raids on some farmers selling raw dairy products. John Moody is with Farm Food Freedom Coalition and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. Melinda Olson is a consumer, who gets products from a farmer which is bringing her in conflict with her state government. Related sites are ( and (

John’s boralogue projects key downstream consequences of Obamacare that don’t seem to be on the radar screens of many Americans. Next week we’re planning an Obamacare round table to examine the long term effects of the new healthcare system in a country which is rapidly approaching a monetary and debt crisis.


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