So What Does a Fiscal Cliff Look Like?

120029 07/21/2012

Our prayers and condolences to all the families involved in the Aurora/Denver movie theater shooting.

If we’re headed towards an economic cliff, what does it look like when you go over the cliff? Obviously people are still here….so what does all of this mean? Dr. Donald Boudreaux ( is former chair of the Department of Economics at George Mason University and author of “Hypocrites and Half-Wits: A Daily Dose of Sanity from Cafe Hayek.” We’ll dissect the relationships between taxes, Obamacare, the country’s indebtedness, and other crazy or sane intertwined issues.

Then John rebuts the President’s comments this week that entrepreneurs didn’t really build their businesses; someone from government had to do it for them. In essence we owe it to the collective.

A major contributing factor to the devastating Colorado wildfires originated from environmental groups that won’t allow people to clear combustible material from their properties or prevent beetle kill in Colorado forests. Thus the fires find a ready source of dry fuel. Dr. Robert Zubrin ( ) is a nuclear engineer living in Denver and author of “Merchants of Despair,” which details two centuries of anti-humanistic assaults by radical environmentalists.

John’s boralogue examines how discussions about the hot political issues of our day are all compartmentalized and separated from each other, whereas the reality is that they are all interacting.


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