A Tale of Two Templates

120030 07/28/2012

It’s time for an SOS template test to examine the differences between news channel coverage of the shootings in Aurora versus the shootings at Fort Hood. Recall that for years the mainline media denied they were biased in what they reported.

Bruce Thornton is professor of classics and humanities at California State Fresno and a research fellow at the Hoover Institute. He’ll dissect the media mindset that leads to totally different methods of coverage of similar or related events.

The global nervousness index is on the rise. Many sense we’re headed to a geopolitical crisis but few seem to be able to pinpoint the origins other than saying it’s the Middle East. That’s because everything is in flux and all the data points are moving simultaneously, meaning that uncertainty will be the watchword of the next 48 months. So can we find certainty in uncertainty? John addresses that concept in the last part of the program.

We’ll also examine precarious conditions for Christians caught in the crossfire of revolutions and turbulent changes in the Middle East. Juliana Taimoorazy from (www.iraqichristianrelief.org) returns to the program.

John’s boralogue sets the background for today’s template test by establishing the reason for continual failure of gun control laws to curb crime: gun control is an unworkable real-world logical fallacy; one giant affirmation of a negative without having any method of knowing 100 percent of the sample population, making it invalid.


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