Freedom of Speech and Religion on the Line

120031 08/04/2012

It’s nice when new ideas enter the marketplace of ideas and are debated in polite company. However, when the new ideas try to take over the marketplace and displace the others by coercion, that’s a different matter. We’re going to spend the first hour of the program examining the war on freedom of speech and religion, where old rights are being displaced by news ones.

First, there has been a long-standing effort to muzzle individuals or groups who express serious concerns about radical Islam using lawsuits to do so. Brooke Goldstein is with the Lawfare Project ( and co-author of “Lawfare, the War Against Free Speech.”

The Obama Justice Department is now telling a Catholic family-owned Colorado business that employs over 200 people that they can either conform to the Obamacare requirement to provide contraceptive care or give up their business. Terrence Jeffrey from ( joins the program.

As the government slowly becomes increasingly hostile to religion and their powers of unlimited surveillance grow in the name of making us more secure, of course, what happens when the two trends cross? Roger Tolces ( is a professional electronic security expert who debuts on the program to list all the ways we’re being monitored and the direction the snooping trends are taking us.

John’s boralogue established the show’s background by delineating the constant progressive drumbeat of the progressive left in preaching new shifting values at the country, while consistently violating the very tenets they’re promoting.

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