Hard Left in the U.S. Military

120034 08/25/2012

Are U.S. military think tanks adopting a hard left political viewpoint? A study has emerged saying the military needs to plan on doing battle with American citizens inspired by the goals of the Tea Party movement. Retired federal agent John McTernan (www.johnmcternan.name) returns to the program after a long hiatus.

We’re pursuing a new thread to expand the history of how the global left media fell in love with communism and developed a soft spot for it. Humberto Fontova (www.hfontova.com) is the next guest, who contrasts media treatment of Fidel Castro with Agosto Pinochet.

John’s boralogue gives the template test a real workout by pursuing the media’s treatment of three different shootings and showing how the institutions promoting mantras about racism and hatred got caught by their own conflicting language.

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