Vulnerable to Iranian EMP Attack

120035 09/01/2012

With tensions over possible attacks on Iran mounting, one way Iran could actually retaliate is by discharging an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States, which would shut down the national power grid. How realistic is this threat? Steve Elwart is a consultant on electronic security issues.

When did liberalism adopt socialism as its model? In the early part of the 20th Century progressives were falling all over themselves to endorse communist experiments in the early Soviet Union until things started to fall apart. Then they wrapped themselves in the American flag and began talking about social justice, etc. William Lord is author of “The Battle for America: Socialism and Christianity.”

As the United States backs itself into an energy corner with rising international tensions, the oil in the Green River Formation goes unused. Former Colorado Congressman Bob Beauprez ranches in that area of the country and he joins us for a quick look at what it would take to extract the oil.

John’s boralogue is non-existent today because we jump right into the interviews.

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