Why the Supreme Court Loves Unconstitutional Rulings

120036 09/08/2012

We’re just back from driving around the western United States talking with Americans about things American.

Why does the Supreme Court seem to produce so many unconstitutional rulings lately? Dr. Tamzin Rosenwasser (www.aapsonline.org) returns to the program with answers to that question in the context of the long-term legal and financial realities surrounding Obamacare.

Then Gary Kah (www.garykah.org) returns after a long hiatus as a guest in our ongoing “End of America” series. Gary has chronicled the move towards global governance and the transformation of American culture and politics for over two decades.

John’s boralogue examines the inability of Democrats and Republicans to communicate with each other and why this means we’re still charging toward an even larger economic crisis, which attracts little attention from either side. When it happens, they’ll all be saying, “Where did that come from?” just as happened with the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

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