Everybody’s Gotta Have a Worldview

120039 09/29/2012

John’s extended boralogue kicks off with a comparison between the mantras of political correctness and what actually seems to be true, with a detailing how to detect gaps between the two. He grounds this with a commentary on media reactions to ads against Jihad placed in the New York subway system.

No society can exist without a worldview. It forms the foundation for the society, its values and legal systems. So when someone says, “You shouldn’t push your values on others,” they’re describing a world that can never be. The making of laws is the very process of pushing values on everyone and in free societies people elect representatives who will push their values into law.

Dr. Jeff Myers, Ph.D., from Summit Ministries (www.summit.org) is our first guest with a premise that it is critical for Christians to understand connections between religious values and legal systems. If the Church doesn’t provide the values basis for society, then government will create its own and force it upon the churches.

Every time there is a crisis where an item published in the West causes a reaction in the Islamic world, pressure is put upon the media to censor itself. How close are we to losing free speech in western society? Daniel Greenfield from Frontpage Magazine (www.frontpagemag.com) joins us.

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