Dealing with the ‘Comma-Buts’

120042 10/20/2012

John’s extended boralogue initiates the program by painting a new concept called the “comma-but,” which progressives seem to utilize subconsciously in order to reconcile the constant problems they confront as their relativist, self-contradicting values keep slamming into each other logically. Of use is a section of the Biden/Ryan debate on the issue of abortion.

Then the spotlight turns to Dr. Thomas Woods, Ph.D., ( for an explanation of how monetary policy is actually driving the bus towards an economic cliff, while both candidates for president seem to missing the next-up crisis of the next four years. Of interest is an article written in the Huffington Post attacking those who would dare attack the Fed.

So how does a South African view the global media’s analysis of world events, notably news stories from Africa and the Middle East? Dr. Peter Hammond ( returns to the show for a global perspective of geopolitics outside the US, with a special eye on the Islamic world.

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