What did We Learn from Hurricane Sandy?

120044 11/03/2012

John starts the show by asking what we’ve learned from Hurricane Sandy. The answer is a resounding nothing. Dr. Paul Williams, MD, (www.whenallplansfail.com) returns to SOS for an I-told-you-so moment as to why SOS listeners must be thinking about emergency preparedness.

One of the surprising failures during Sandy was the New York Stock Market trading system, which was supposed to have a contingency plan following 9/11 in order to allow continued market operations despite disasters. So what happened and how does this connect to markets which are increasingly controlled by highly sophisticated computer programming instead of humans? Cris Sheridan returns to the program.

Then we’ll take up the case of army Lieutenant Col. Matthew Dooley, who received a negative Officer Evaluation Review for teaching a college class on radical Islam, which was offensive to Islam and Muslims. Richard Thompson from the Thomas More Law Center (www.thomasmore.org) guests. This case will be pivotal in free speech issues for the future.

John closes the show with a news report from Nigeria where Muslims systematically murdered over 40 Christian college students during the month of October.

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