The Future of Church/State Conflict

120048 12/01/2012

John’s extended boralogue opens the show with a conflict between ideology and reality in vogue among the West’s politicians. This conflict can be seen all the way from economics to religious freedom issues. If we learn one thing from history, it’s that few seem to learn from anything history and the rest of us are force to watch them repeat it.

This thought flows directly to our first guest. George Weigel, is Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center ( George has been tracking the Catholic Church’s conflict with the Obama administration in its contraception fight and outlines future options as these church/state conflicts become more common.

From there we shift focus to Canada for a comparison of similar battles. Mike Schouten represents We Need a Law, a Canadian pro-life group (

This week the Palestinian Authority made it over a major hurdle toward full statehood recognition at the United Nations, a small but noisy group of evangelicals is attempting to shift the views and theology of that group to an anti-Israel position. Malcolm Lowe in Jerusalem is with the Gatestone Institute (

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