Unknowable Crimes Create Many Innocent Criminals

120050 12/15/2012

As the mainline media keep prattling on about the fiscal cliff, John’s boralogue starts the program by explaining the real fiscal cliff a society falls off when money dies due to being over-inflated, causing social and economic chaos.

Next, we re-read a boralogue piece from five years ago (2007) entitled, “The Sad Road to Socialism,” to see how prescient that op-ed piece was regarding our current situation.

Another real cliff is the steady erosion of protective rights in the country, among them the right to presumption of innocence. With literally thousands of laws and regulations ever creating new crimes across the land, many innocent people are being jailed for violating laws or regulations they had no plausible way of knowing and had no intention of committing a crime. Houston-based attorney Robert Franklin (www.saveservices.org) is one of a chorus of rising voices rising about the serious issue of an over-criminalized society.

Finally we’ll open a new thread that will run through the new year entitled the “I’m-sick-and-tired-of-the-glop-I-hear-about-Christianity” segment.

Rodney Stark (www.rodneystark.com) is author of a new book entitled, “America’s Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists.” He argues that much of what makes America more free and prosperous than many other countries is its foundation in Christianity.

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One thought on “Unknowable Crimes Create Many Innocent Criminals

  1. Hi John,
    Irene and I want to express to you, Carol and of course the SteelonSteel team for what you are teaching to everyone who is listening. There is nothing you are conveying that could be defined as boralogue (humor), but rather essentials of truth vital to people like me to strengthen our faith and make sense out of sensless wickedness. The value of your themes, topicicals blended with your unique form of humor and laughter leading to powerful bullseye target perspectives and truth spiritually in a world gone mad, fires me up to witness. We are always anxious to listen to the next programs. Of course, a plug in for you on Jim Puplava and Chuck Missler programs are great. Anyway, the reason for the message was to thank you and prays for your continued watchman on the wall and teaching the “understanding the times” drama leading up to His coming. Blessings – Grady and Irene (you may need a spell and gramar check in this posting.

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