How Global Elites View Fiscal Cliffs and Other Trivia

130002 01/12/2013

John’s boralogue starts the program with a summary of the major current political controversies, showing how issues such as gun control and religions freedom are under the same type of linguistic fire from politicians and the media, meaning the connection of those rights and the future of rights at all is the real issue.

Then we’ll revisit public awareness of the threat posed by EMP (electro magnetic pulse) terrorists attack on the country, and what people should be gradually doing to prepare for such an eventuality. Mark Langford is author of “Persia Rising.” (

Finally we’ll engage in a wide-ranging conversation with long-time friend, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D., ( on how global elites view everything from fiscal cliffs to Middle East conflicts. In their minds it seems everything is puttering along nicely to propel us into a global socialist form of governance.

What Were We Thinking? – 45min.

What Were We Thinking? – 45min.John Loeffler delivered this speech at the Steeling the Mind of America conference on Feb. 23rd., 2013 in Newport Beach, CA. He addresses the listener from the year 2018 and asks just what were we thinking when we allowed our society to continue the downward spiral of moral and fiscal indebtedness? When your 2013 self catches up with your 2018 self, you may want to ask that very question.


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