Enforcing Laws and Treaties that were Never Passed

130004 01/26/2013

In the wake of President Obama’s inaugural address and the social issues he seeks to address en route to Utopia, John’s boralogue lists past promises for a great society and examines how they’ve all failed, asking, “What happened?” It seems to rotate around the phrase, “God bless America.”

This week marked the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision, which allowed abortion on demand. Pro-abortion organizations were crowing about their accomplishments, but off the record they’re moaning that the entire movement is in jeopardy. Why so? Jill Stanek (www.jillstanek.com) appears on Life Site and she joins us for the first interview.

Perhaps the most disturbing trend of the previous two decades has been increasing efforts on the part of presidents to end run the constitution or congress by means of executive orders. Constitutional attorney Michael Connelly is Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (www.usjf.net).

You can tell politicians are getting desperate about serious problems when they propose silly solutions. Recently there was a proposal to have the U.S. Treasury mint a $1T platinum coin to use in payment on the national debt. But this still results in monetary inflation, just like printing money and everything else. Tom Giovanetti from the Institute for Policy Innovation (www.ipi.org) returns to the program.


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