It Isn’t All in Your Levis….uh Genes

130007 02/16/2013

Pope Benedict XVI surprised the world this week by announcing his resignation, effective the end of February. This catapults us into a subject we covered with Tom Horn in June of last year, the St. Malachy papal prophecies, which predict that this next pope will be the last.

John’s boralogue examines the philosophy and theology of Pope Benedict and his comprehension of the dangers of relativism when dealing with religious issues. At the same time, he points out things Catholics need to consider when talking with non-Catholics about theological issues.

This thread continues with Chris Putnam (, co-author with Tom Horn of “/Petrus Romanus – The Final Pope is Here,/” about the prophecies of St. Malachy. We’ll serve up a comparison between these and biblical prophecy.

Then a thread from last week’s segment about DNA and dinosaur bones is continued. The concept of moral determinism bases on the idea that we are the products of our DNA and as such not agents of free well and moral liability. But now scientists are discovering a new process called “epigenetics,” whereby we actually are influenced by other factors that can be handed down from parents and grandparents, allowing genes to be expressed or repressed. It turns out scientific “facts” are not as fixed as we were told. Wildlife biologist Marc Hodges ( premiers on the show. His article on this subject can be read in this month’s /Personal Update/ at (


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