Same Sex Marriage and the Cascade of Lost Battles

130013 03/30/2013

Happy Easter weekend everyone. Christ is Risen!

John’s boralogue begins the show with a demonstration of the shift in cultural values from Christianity to secularist norms resulting in a series of failing culture war battles of which the same-sex marriage debate is just one skirmish.

Then we’ll summarize the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage hearings with an interview featuring Sherif Girgis, co-author of “What is Marriage? Man and Woman: a Defense.”

Bill Powers of ( joins the show next to examine the worldwide energy situation. Although energy prices are pushing upwards, the onrushing energy crisis seems to have been slowed for a while.

Recently, scientists announced they had confirmed the existence of the predicted Higgs Boson. So who cares? What does that mean? Steve Elwart ( returns to to examine this item and why it’s significant in the search for origins of the universe.

Finally, we’ll end with butterflies and why they are such a marvelous example of creation engineering. Paul Nelson is guest.


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