Blurring the Boundaries: Hate Speech to Terrorist

130017 04/27/2013

Media coverage of the Boston bombing has served as a stellar example of the “template test” where their reporting methodology before, during, and after shifted to match ideology rather than honestly reporting the obvious. John’s extended boralogue analyzes the history of this progression.

There’s a relationship being forged between hate speech or hate organizations and the potential for terrorism. As it plays out, the logic will goes: if you’re not politically correct, you’re an extremist guilty of hate, thereby mentally unbalanced, thereby not entitled to bear arms, home school, healthcare, etc. It’s at developing stages right now but forming rapidly. Jerry Boykin is executive vice president with the Family Research Council. (

Then, the State of New York has begun subpoenaing patient records from psychiatric professionals and matching them with gun records to see if owners will be allowed to keep their weapons. It’s questionable whether this is even legal under HIPPA laws but it’s also a troubling indicator of the future of healthcare and political correctness. Dan Roberts ( reports on this trend.

Finally, doctors are struggling to cope with an increasingly complex economic and political world of healthcare. The Indiana University Kelley School of Business has inaugurated an MBA program to assist medical doctors in doing that. The school’s director, Dr. Vicki Smith-Daniels. Ph.D., joins us. (


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