It’s Shocking How They’re All Shocked

130020 05/18/2013

Boy was this a shocking week! With shocking revelations about government scandals and everyone was just shocked at how shocking it really was. The real issue is whether or not anything will ever be done as Washington bureaucracies circle the wagons. John’s boralogue kicks off the show with a survey of the emerging scandals, and additional questions that now need to be asked, especially about Obamacare and other agendas. John begins by reviewing the three rules of bureaucracies.

What is the connection between the Benghazi massacre and the Boston marathon bombings? Didn’t think there was one? Well that’s the problem with political correctness, because our government is operating on a politically correct plane while reality exists on another. Clare Lopez from the Center for Security Policy ( and The Clarion Project ( is our first guest today.

The day of death panels in Obamacare is materializing as we watch. Many hospitals already have them. Dr. Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD, with the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons ( is both a doctor and attorney, who explains how patients will have to negotiate what is an emerging minefield in the world of hospitals.


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