Crucified Again: Growing Tension between PC and Reality

130022 06/01/2013

Did someone say it’s June already?

Today’s program is highly focused around interrelated and incongruous themes: terrorism, Islam, Christian persecution, and political correctness.

John’s boralogue frames the program by examining the current status of the Middle East, and in particular Syria’s expanding war as global powers become directly involved.

Then we’ll move directly to the best, not-covered major story in the Middle East: the exodus of thousands of Christians from Islamic countries, where they are being oppressed, assaulted, tortured, raped and killed. Raymond Ibrahim ( is author of the book, “Crucified Again, Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.” We’ll examine both the situation and the reason the global media refuse to cover this.

Then, we’ve said often that political correctness is killing us, and it is doing so literally because of the ongoing denial of reality exercised by many governments. Sweden just experienced an entire week of “youth riots” with the press neglecting to emphasize that the “youths” were Muslims. But never fear, the Stockholm police handled the situation: they did little about the riots but ticketed the burned-out hulks of cars set alight by the rioters. It’s political correctness at its best. Ralph Sidway ( has been monitoring the situation.


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