The Supreme Court Rules on the World

130026 06/29/2013

The Supreme Court ruled on the world…well most of it…this week. What are the long-term implications of these rulings?

John’s boralogue examines the converging trends between the judicial decisions and other items from this past week to show how long-term progressive hatred of western civilization and its long-term agenda to “transform” the culture is wrapped up in the news stories we see evolving on a daily basis.

Then Matthew Franck, Ph.D., at the Witherspoon Institute ( makes his debut on the show with an in-depth discussion about the underlying implications of the war against marriage.

Even as President Obama declares war on climate change, really a war on the coal industry, there are major cracks developing in radical environmentalism, as the public increasingly yawns at the constant drumbeat of our imminent demise. Arnold Ahlert from Front Page Magazine ( and Jewish World Review ( returns to the program for a rousing discussion of the changes occurring in environmental movements.

Finally we’ll see if there are any teeth in President Obama’s environmental plan or if it’s all just hype. Benjamin Cole from the Institute for Energy Innovation ( joins us.


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