Christians Don’t Need to Check Their Brains

130027 07/06/2013

A belated Happy Fourth of July.

This week saw the celebration of Independence Day (without aliens), so John’s boralogue responds to listener requests for comments on the controversy as to whether the country was founded by godly men following the will of God, or as an act of rebellion against Romans 13, which states that all government is established by God.

Europe is trying to deal with the fallout and blowback from having spent almost a century denying its civilization, heritage and religious origins. So what is the future of Christianity in a Europe that wants to be secular, but also wants clergy to push EU agendas? Columnist Paul Ames writes for the secular publication, “The Global Post.” (

If God values wisdom and knowledge, why have some sects rejected intellectualism? Does that mean intellect is a liability in ministry? Christopher Momany is a professor at Adrian College (, and author of the book, “Doing Good, a Grace-filled Approach to Holiness.”

Does the United States forget about POWs when they become politically inconvenient? The answer would seem to be, “yes.” Amy Waters Yarsinke is author of “An American in the Basement.”

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