Darwin’s Doubts Never Went Away

130028 07/13/2013

John’s extended boralogue launches the program with an analysis of current Middle East events, notably Egypt, and demonstrating how the crisis in that country is altering the international geopolitical scene.

Then we’ll move to a conversation with Dr. Stephen Meyer, Ph.D., (www.discovery.org) from the Discovery Institute about his new book, “Darwin’s Doubt.” It seems serious discussion exists in the scientific literature about the inability of neo-Darwinist ideas to the explain origins of life, but we’d never know that from the popular science media, who keep assuring us it’s been confirmed.

Then Dr. Martin Erdman, Ph.D., returns to the program for a candid discussion about a change in German evangelical churches from saving souls to transforming cultures. It centers around a recent document called the “Tuebinger Aufruf,” or the “Call from Tubingen.”

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