So Why Care About Ukraine?

140010 03/08/2014

The media have been swamped with reporting from Ukraine and the latest crisis, but much of it seemed to lack insight. John’s extended boralogue attempts to isolate the geopolitical issues revolving around Russia’s intrusion into that country.

Then we’ll examine, of all places, ongoing violence in the Sudan and South Sudan. Why in the midst of everything is this important? Because the United States pushed the creation of South Sudan but has turned its back now that its attention has been drawn elsewhere. The parallels to the rhetoric of the Israel/Palestine peace process are obvious, especially when “international guarantees” are brought into the mix. Seems countries get busy and don’t want to enforce their guarantees. Simon Deng guests.

Then we’ll do the last of a thread on bitcoins, examining how they are subject to criminal activity. Peter Leeds (, is author of Penny Stocks for Dummies in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Finally an interesting showdown seems to be developing between conservative Catholics, but it has yet to break the public surface. Professor Patrick Deneen from Notre Dame University guests.

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