So How Do Airliners Fly Over the Ocean?

140012 03/22/2014

Amid much speculation about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and the tragedy for family members of the passengers, John’s boralogue analyzes the hard truth about the potential of using a hijacked airliner for transporting an EMP device or other WMD device.

Then we’ll move to an interview with airline pilot Keith Thompson, who has spent many years piloting Boeing aircraft across the Atlantic. How exactly is such a journey accomplished safely, and how does air traffic control (ATC) keep informed of the plane’s position and activities?

In the midst of geopolitical tensions, it seemed like a small story this week, but it might have huge consequences. President Obama announced the U.S. would be giving giving up control over certain operations on the internet to international bodies. What might the long-term implications be, especially in the area of censorship and net equality? Journalist James Simpson ( returns to the program.

The security situation throughout Latin America is rapidly deteriorating, which means the security of the United States is changing as well, especially dealing with narco-traffickers and terrorists. Dr. Luis Fleischman, Ph.D., ( is author of Latin America in the Post-Chávez Era.

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