Dancing with the Devil – Negotiating with Rogue Regimes

140014 04/05/2014

We’ll spend the program today examining geopolitical issues and finding perspectives you might not have obtained elsewhere.

Quite frequently our politicians are busy running around the world in pursuit of negotiations with rogue regimes or difficult situations. The Iranian situation, the Israel-Palestinian Peace Process, Syria, and the Crimea are key examples. Why do we so often engage in such failing talks and are they ever successful? Michael Rubin (www.aei.org) is author of Dancing with the Devil, the Perils of Engaging Rogue Regimes.

Amid the fury of debate rotating in western media around Russia’s Crimean goals, it might be interesting to know how the Russian people view the same geopolitical questions. This subject is especially important when events are place in an historic setting. Jennifer Eremeeva (www.russialite.com) has lived in Russia for the last two decades and she joins the program from Moscow for a spirited conversation on today’s Russia plus a review of the historic events which have led that country to where it is today.

John’s boralogue describes how Germany’s foolish pursuit of knee-jerk environmentalism, based on politically-correct and questionable ideas, can make one’s country extremely vulnerable geopolitics.

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